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WoW: Navigating Azeroth

There are several forms of transportation available for those looking to tour Azeroth. While you can use a mount upon reaching level 40, collecting enough gold to acquire the skill and purchasing a mount might be quite a feat. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who invest in personal transportation, in many situations you will have to get on a boat, a zeppelin or the Underground Tram, or take a flight route.

On many occasions, you may want to travel with your friends to explore the areas or dungeons, or even to venture out into the world and get some PvP practice. We’ve put together some information on these options to help you get the most out of your WoW experience.

The Underground Tram is located in the very heart of Alliance territory, the Underground Tram offers fast transportation to and from the capitals of Stormwind and Ironforge for free. To get to the tram, you will have to go through the Dwarf District in Stormwind and Handyman City in Ironforge.

Travel if you dare! While some modes of transportation are restricted by faction (like most flight routes), the tram, zeppelins, and boats are available to both sides. Making use of these options can put you in a difficult situation because you will run the risk of facing guards or, of course, other players who may not appreciate your company. You are warned.

Zeppelins are a free form of transportation for the Horde. You can travel long distances in these airships, even through the Mare Magnum that separates the continents. If you don’t know which zeppelin to use to reach your destination, ask the zeppelin master. Both the Orgrimmar Zeppelin Tower and the Undercity Tower are just outside the city.

A neutral boat is available to both the Horde and the Alliance and runs between Booty Bay in the Eastern Kingdoms and Trinquete in Kalimdor. Note that if you are in a PvP realm, just because it’s neutral doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous.

There are two different Alliance boats on Darkshore. One leads to Rut’theran in Teldrassil and offers a way to go from the night elf starting area to Kalimdor. The other boat goes to the Port of Menethil, in the Eastern Kingdoms.

There is another Alliance boat in the Port of Menethil that leads to Theramore Island in Kalimdor. For those in a PvP realm, this boat may be the safest option to reach the Barrens.

Unlike boats, zeppelins and the Underground Tram, you will have to pay to use the flight routes. This can be expensive as long as you are low-level and investing in acquiring skills, buying new equipment, and so on. You will also have to discover and learn the flight path. To discover it, you must first do the tour on your own. To learn it, you will have to click on the flight master that corresponds to your faction.

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