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Customer lifetime value calculation


The CLV for his billboard is 720 euros, and the CLV for mobile advertising is 850 euros. But the CLV for search ads is 1550 Euros, which is higher than his overall CLV of 1250 Euros. He should consider putting more advertising budget into search advertising for businessmen. Sergio’s CLV calculations also helped him identify the most valuable potential customers for the company: merchants. When he calculated the CLV of his merchant customers, he found that they usually order at his company more than once a year, so their average annual number of transactions is higher than other customers. He also found that they kept customers longer than the 5-year average of other customers, and they spent more. So Sergio should do more than just increase his search advertising budget. He should consider spending more on the marketing of general merchants.


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If you buy a used car, the seller has a duty to be honest about any flaws and defects with the car, but you as the buyer also have a duty of investigation. If you have any questions about the preliminary investigation or the test drive, please contact the seller directly. Take a good look at the used car, check the functionality of all features and check whether the mileage is logical, for example by means of a National Autopas (NAP).

Also, ask the seller about the service history of the used car. Ideally, these books show that the car has been repaired on time and correctly. It is also nice to be able to check whether expensive repairs, such as replacing a timing belt or clutch, have been carried out recently or can be carried out in the short term. There are independent parties that can carry out purchasing inspections. Finally, make clear agreements about any points for improvement.

Close sale

When you’ve found a used car that meets your requirements, it’s time to make a purchase. The price is usually negotiable. Sometimes it can reduce the price by a few hundred euros, in other cases it is about free maintenance or an (extra) guarantee. Research the value of the opportunity in advance. Car price lists provide guidance. If you trade in a car, also see what it can bring. Not trading in is a good argument for lowering the price of a used car.

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